Who Died and Made You Queen?

I know bloggers are supposed to be these people with knowledge who are experts in their “niche” and have all of these letters behind their names and years of experience to match, but can I speak out of turn for a second? I think, we need more “real people”. We need people speaking from experience while in the midst of the “trial and error stage”.

I’ve done a lot of  reading and have observed that most bloggers have come on the scene, already transformed into “the phoenix” power house, business guru that everyone wants to work with and be. But what about Jean? The years of “silence” in-between being a nobody and becoming a little more than a “nobody”, where you grind and work your ass off making mistakes and wasting money as you “figure it all out”?

I’m sure once you’ve lived so many “successful years”, some note worthy experiences may slip your memory. That, is where I come in. In the “transformation years”. I’m literally going through, (or recently gone) several rings down the shame spiral and can give AMAZING advice on what (not) to do in all of your typical “wtf” situations for those who are just entering the shit storm we call “adulting”.

Now, I may not have a fancy piece of paper that says I have all the answers. (Quite yet.) But I have a lot of experience with a lot of different things. (Mainly because I can be so indecisive and have dabbled in this, that and the other things) I’ve worked in a variety of different fields ranging from Marketing, to teaching and have had the privilege of learning from some great people while on the job. (Besides, isn’t that what all of the employers want besides the actual education? Years of EXPERIENCE.)

It just so happens, you’ve run into me while on a journey of your own…People tend to meet and travel together for a while. Learn something. Exchange stories…Lets do that. I’ll share with you my experience-you tell me yours and we’ll do this weekly-like meeting up for drinks! I’m inviting you along for a very funny and informative journey as we both pursue our passions and dreams whilst avoiding some totally-avoidable mistakes. We’ll laugh later about the ones we do make though. (Or maybe sooner than later)



In true Nique’ fashion, everything that could go wrong in the month of March, did. The general plan has been to make this year the last year I teach and begin school for Real Estate, then to find a job, (P/T, F/T)  over the summer, in order to be MORE qualified to either do a job with more property management, or to just go straight to a Real Estate company for work. In the midst of me planning the next steps to transition from a teacher into the Real Estate field, my brand new, “Stang” got totaled- which ended up putting me way behind financially.

I’ve been mostly depressed about losing my baby; but for some reason today after speaking with my insurance adjuster and trying to figure out what in the world I’m going to do about me getting another car, I just felt better. Don’t get me wrong. I’m screwed and I won’t be getting any money back after all of the foolishness; (shitting my pants about it) but I know that as long as I have my job and a little hustle in me- I can finesse this all to my advantage.

I still need a little while to mull over my options-but I just feel…Like everything will be okay. I sat down this weekend and decided to think about things that will only help me grow spiritually, creatively and financially; instead of all of the “L’s” I’ve been taking as of late. I won’t lie and say that this blow (speaking of my baby) along with a few other personal fails has taken a stab at my confidence and moral…

Everyone keeps telling me to look on the “bright side”, but the way i see it, I just threw away a few thousand dollars. Like I said though, (oh yeah, not dwelling on the negative) I’ve been thinking on things that make me feel better (or at least like i have more control over my life), like making a better game plan for how I finance another car in the near future, actually learning how to use this WordPress site, looking for a second job to help catch up on my bills, brain storming ideas for my business site, and I’v been doing a little reading for leisure. I find if I keep busy, then my mood increases dramatically while going through such a frustrating and stressful time.

I said all of that to say, if you’ve just been dealt an unexpected, devastating blow-just power through by keeping busy and thinking on things that are helpful to you instead of your losses. I promise it will procrastinate the “crazy” that begins to consume you. Now, I’m not saying you won’t rip all of your hair out (that’s what weaves are for), but it’ll take you a little longer to get there.

Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. But there is nothing wrong with adjusting the game plan to fit your situations. Adjust until things work for you, but don’t lose sight of what you wanted in the first place. Hang in there girl! Power through with me and I’ll keep you updated just to show you that yes-there is an ending…Until next time.




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Here’s to Us

Excuse me ladies, I’d like to propose a toast!

We were born into struggles that we didn’t ask for but we are blessed to have the privilege of being exactly who we are. Although things haven’t always gone as planned, we’ve finessed every situation to the best of our capabilities- despite “where we come from”. We’re not where we would like to be, but damn it-we’re on the way; And we’re going to make the journey a stylish, adventure-filled one, along the scenic route.

It’s time that women of color change the “stereo type” of what we are known for. We are not a picture for anger, government assistance, ignorance, attitude, dysfunctional relationships, broken families or the butt of everyone’s jokes. Let’s kill the whole “finesse the system” mindset and instead focus on becoming business owners, better mothers, mentally strong, spiritually healed and self-aware.

Here’s to not doing life the “conventional” way and blazing your own path instead because- “your not the boss of me!” To the constant pursuit of self-love, making everything beautiful and experiencing the world via, “The horse’s mouth”. And to doing everything we dare to do; because it can definitely be done well.

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, compassion, some humor and some style.” -Maya Angelou

Here’s to doing “it all” well, by simply doing it! (Then kissing and telling:)

Cheers…To Us!