Who Died and Made You Queen?

I know entrepreneurs are supposed to be these people with knowledge who are experts in their “niche” and have all of these letters behind their names and years of experience to match, but can I speak out of turn for a second? I think, we need more “real people”. We need people speaking from experience while in the midst of the “trial and error stage”.

I’ve done a lot of reading and have observed that most “successful” people have come on the scene, already transformed into “the phoenix” power house, business guru that everyone wants to work with and be. But what about Jean? The years of “silence” in-between being a nobody and becoming a little more than a “nobody”, where you grind and work your ass off making mistakes and wasting money as you “figure it all out”?

I’m sure once you’ve lived so many “successful years”, some note worthy experiences may slip your memory. That, is where I come in. In the “transformation years”. I’m literally going through, (or recently gone) several rings down the shame spiral and can give AMAZING advice on what (not) to do in all of your typical “wtf” situations for those who are just entering the shit-storm we call “adulting”.

Now, I may not have a fancy piece of paper that says I have all the answers. (Quite yet.) But I have a lot of experience with a plethora things. (Mainly because I can be so indecisive and have dabbled in this, that and the other things.) I’ve worked in a variety of different fields ranging from Marketing, to McDonald’s and have had the privilege of learning from some great people while on the job. (Besides, isn’t that what all of the employers want besides the actual education? Years of EXPERIENCE.)

It just so happens, you’ve run into me while on a journey of your own… And if yours has been anything like mine, then- we’ve got a lot to talk about. (Even if it isn’t.)

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