Breakfast Date

My mom called me Thursday and asked if she could take Zoe for the weekend. A free weekend to catch up on chores and get down to writing content my blog? But of course! I had her bags packed and ready for another “adventure” with Mimi AS SOON as I got home from work the next day. Always so eager for the free time, ( because it doesn’t happen a lot), I sat at my bistro table to plot on some inexpensive, weekend fun for my honey and I that would be the perfect inspiration for some content.

We planned to go get breakfast at one of my favorite spots in the garden district and then to go check out some of the Boutiques on Magazine, but my life would be too easy if anything ever went the way I planned it.
So it’s about Eight a.m. on a Saturday morning and of course I ONLY wake, dress and leave my house without (much of) a fight on a weekend morning for nothing but one thing-COFFEE! Avenue Cafe is a quaint little spot on the corner of St. Charles and St. Mary Ave. where they serve your usual coffee stuff- but they also have food made fresh to order to go along with all your coffee tweaking needs at all times of the day.
The menu is pretty extensive for a coffee shop, but it’s not a full on restaurant, so don’t pop up thinking that you’re going to get an omelette meal. These are more like “hold me overs” (very good bagels, salads and sandwiches). I basically have to force feed myself breakfast every morning (if at all) because I just don’t have much of an appetite at that time ; so the menu is perfect for me. If I don’t have a boiled egg and some toast for breakfast; It’s usually coffee till lunch.

And of course, in true New Orleanian fashion-it’s not about who you are, it’s about how early in the day you can finesse alcohol into your diet! Yes ma’am, Pam! You can wake up at six am and go get yourself a mimosa with your coffee and bagel-just in case you need a little “hair of the dog”, after a very eventful night on the town. (Or if you like to go into work feeling extra good…jk)

Anyway, we walk in and order two small coffees and and some ham, egg and cheese croissant sandwiches and sit outside to enjoy all of this fabulous spring weather we’ve been getting with our breakfast. I used to work at the building across the street from the “Ave.”; at the New Orleans Multicultural Tourism Network when i was in my early 20’s. It had to be one of the coolest jobs I ever worked. (And so far, I’ve finessed myself into some pretty snazzy “job” situations).
One of my favorite things about working there was the location. It’s in the heart of the garden district where there are a lot of cool, random stores and shops right off of the main strip of St. Charles, so it’s easy to find yourself busy finding something “different” if you’ve five minutes to walk around. I reminisced about how I used to swing into The “Ave.”, already five minutes late for work to grab this same croissant and coffee with one of my good friends and co-worker at the time; before booking it across the street, to the 5th floor and burst into the office- a tangle of bags and food and papers-hoping we’d made it before the boss…

Now, hoping the “Avenue Cafe” gets the thumbs up from my honey, who says he doesn’t like places that are to “ire”, (another convo for another day) and is a stickler about eating food out because “we can make that at home”, I look up to find him stuffing his face and diggin’ the scene all while nodding. “You always got me somewhere bourgie… But it’s not too ire.”, he retorts between bites. We sip our coffees and soak up the morning sun in silence for a while more before getting up and heading to our next destination.

If you’re ever in the area… Check it out and tell em’ Nikki sent you! It’s always a good time for coffee.

Woke Coffee GIF by Nicole Ruggiero - Find & Share on GIPHY

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