Morning Madness Mix: Top 5

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.”

― Aldous Huxley

If it’s one thing in the world that always helps me relax, reflect, move, heal and re-center, it’s music. (really) I’m one of those people who always has a lyric or rhythm for every moment because of all of the different genres of music that I listen to. And because it is my personal belief that life was meant to be lived to a soundtrack. I try to make this happen for me as non-cornily (is that a word?) as possible on a daily.

The first step in my morning routine is to head to the living room and blast my morning playlist through the house. For me, music in the morning disarms me and helps me to wake up without biting someone’s head off. I’m not a morning person AT ALL and so before I even speak, I have coffee-but whilst the coffee is being brewed…there’s music.

For my music lovers, I’d like to share that with you by giving you the first 5 tracks that I listen to in order to achieve a productive “vibe” in the morning and help you transport yourself from groggy and cranky, to peaceful and peppy in just under 20 minutes. This playlist is served best with coffee. (preferably Colombian by Folders)

And for the rest for the rest who enjoy a quiet morning…Well, Silence is Golden too.

Top 5 Morning Madness Playlist

“Dimond in the Back” by Curtis Mayfield

This song is musically incredible! First of all, it’s what I like to open my eyes to…So groovy, it just eases you back into consciousness after being out for so long with a feeling of serenity. I don’t know about you, but when I wake up, I need a few moments to figure out where I am, (depending on the night), to ease out of the compulsion to yell the “F” bomb just because I’m awake, and then figure out what the heck I should be doing.

Also, if you happen to be “broke” that day, it’s a beautiful reminder that you are NOT your circumstances and to keep moving forward with pride in yourself. I.E., “Wake up girl! You may not be where you want to be but, you’re STILL fly and have the power to change it!” Usually while this song is playing, I’m having moments of silence, praying, thanking God for all that I have and feeding myself a quick positive read that helps to kick start my positive thinking and focus. (Brew Coffee Here)

“Hello” by Erykah Badu

“Hello”  is still groovy and soulful, but with a hint of “morning sexy”. Mind you, we’re not quite ready to just jump up and get things done just yet, so we need one more slow but cheerful to get our morning juices flowing here. When this one plays, it’s a moment for reflection on current love or love “to be”. Now, I’m no expert on relationships (yeah, still gettin played too.) But I know that with each one, I’ve grown smarter in some area. After this last little fling…(Oh gosh) My mantra to myself is to not settle for someone who isn’t meeting my standards.

As a goal oriented gal, it’s easy to get distracted by…the potential for love. (lets call it that for now) But, but, but…Any person who really wants to see you grow and achieve your goals, will aid you and respect the process. If you find yourself spending too much time on your boo and letting your obligations, your children, self care, and goals fall by the wayside…Re-evaluate, girl. However, say “yes” to good love (wtf is that?)

Anyway, this song, for me, is a reminder to open my heart to the opportunity for “good” love throughout the day. Sometimes we’re so caught up in our world of problems, that we exude a closed minded energy to love. For example, you might be in a coffee shop, mentally reviewing (whatever) and you’re not looking at the people around you. Your rushing through this moment and completely missed the super attractive, lonely doctor who held the door open for you and looked at you entirely too long, trying to make eye contact before approaching you. (You know that look)

So you don’t think much of it until your meeting is over and your in bed reflecting on your day-wishing you had someone to talk to. (It’s happened to me.) Not that you need to jump at every gawking person, but…Prepare yourself daily to overcome…and to RECEIVE love. Because you deserve it.

Moving Down the Line by Raphael Saadiq

This one is a “feel good”, once you’re up and running, song. At this point in my morning, I’m writing down things in my planner that I need to do and remember, I’m on my second cup of coffee and I probably have the kiddo up and running as well. Schedules, appointments, lists…It all happens here.

“Don’t Touch My Hair”

First of all, let me just speak on Solange right quick… I LOVE HER. Besides myself, if  The Neaux Black where to have an overall “look/spokesperson”, it’d be her. I love everything about her evolution of visual and audio art as well as the ideas of the things she speaks on in her latest album, A Seat At the Table.

“Don’t Touch My Hair” is, for me, a personal reminder from self, to self, to not let anyone change, the way I exist in order to make them more comfortable about themselves.  To not apologize for the way I was raised, my values, the way I speak and the way I look-In the corporate world, among my peers and also, in my love life. I choose to only embrace those who are aiding my personal, spiritual and career growth. Everything else, I don’t allow into my life.

 “Smile” by Wale

My song! One thing people always compliment me on my bubbly personality and smile. But I’m a firm believer of karma. Most of the product of our lives is based on the energy they exude into the world. And sometimes shit happens.

But it’s about how we put together the pieces.

I know that there is always room for improvement. But I’ve learned that it is always good to be grateful for the good things too. It’s how you find peace amidst…well, all things. It’s how you look back onto a life, enjoyed.