Nique’!?, Who Dat?

Here, you'll find things that inspire, that encourage you to self reflect and spiritually heal, that help you not only maintain, but thrive. This is a place specifically designed with the "single, bitter, struggling mom" and the fresh-meat 20-something, in mind. (Be honest.) For a long time, I hid the most beautiful parts of myself away for fear of having to "rise to the occasion", until I realized- that, that was exactly why I am who I am. I am not my circumstances, but a sum of my actions from there. And I am here to inspire and create.


Don’t Worry, Bout A Thang

Worrying does not add a single moment to your life, apparently. In fact, it does the opposite.  It won't make the hands of time move faster, or slower. Stressing has proven to be; which I learned by experience of course (and the internet), unhealthy for the body (surprise, surprise). I know we're going to stress-it's a part of life. Not all stress is bad, after all-it's what motivates us to strive for more; but over stressing is not okay. Don't let the world make you crazy.