Just because.


Breakfast Date

So it's about 8am on a Saturday morning and of course I ONLY wake, dress and leave my house without (much of) a fight on a weekend morning for nothing but one thing-COFFEE! Avenue Cafe is a quaint little coffee shop on the corner of St. Charles and St. Mary, where they serve your usual coffee stuff- but they also have food made fresh to order to go along with all your coffee tweaking needs at all times of the day.


Who Died and Made You Queen?

I've done a lot of  reading and have observed that most bloggers have come on the scene, already transformed into "the phoenix" power house, business guru that everyone wants to work with and be. But what about Jean? The years of "silence" in-between being a nobody and becoming a little more than a "nobody", where you grind and work your ass off making mistakes and wasting money as you "figure it all out"?