Nique’!?, Who Dat?

Here, you'll find things that inspire, that encourage you to self reflect and spiritually heal, that help you not only maintain, but thrive. This is a place specifically designed with the "single, bitter, struggling mom" and the fresh-meat 20-something, in mind. (Be honest.) For a long time, I hid the most beautiful parts of myself away for fear of having to "rise to the occasion", until I realized- that, that was exactly why I am who I am. I am not my circumstances, but a sum of my actions from there. And I am here to inspire and create.


Who Died and Made You Queen?

I've done a lot of  reading and have observed that most bloggers have come on the scene, already transformed into "the phoenix" power house, business guru that everyone wants to work with and be. But what about Jean? The years of "silence" in-between being a nobody and becoming a little more than a "nobody", where you grind and work your ass off making mistakes and wasting money as you "figure it all out"?